A shiny new site is coming soon

In the meantime . . .

I’m Simon Carroll, copywriter, journalist and all-round creative communications type. I write for businesses, agencies and anyone else who needs to make people sit up, take notice and hear what they have to say. I spent 14 years writing headlines and editorials at The Sun, so I know how to make words do those things.

I’m the editor of Internet of Me, a new forum exploring the issues around personal data and the need for a shift in control back to the individual. These are big changes that will affect everyone – and the revolution is well under way.

I’ve worked on communications campaigns for one of the world’s biggest sportswear brands and a global logistics giant as well as writing marketing, advertising and branding copy for businesses ranging from start-ups to household names.

For bigger creative and strategic branding and communications projects, I work with C&Co, producing beautiful and effective solutions across print and digital.
While my new website is being built here are a few ways to get in touch and find out more:


07970 549163